Dear Diary?
February 9, 2017, 1:37 AM ϟ 0 Babbling

Dear diary... After for so long.... wait, sounds so gay. WHATZAPPPPPPP BLOGGER???? Lama juga la tk post and last post masa tahun 2012, March. Bukan apa, cuma sekarang ni teknologi dah makin maju. Macam-macam apps dah terbit, zaman bila main blog lagi. Myspace? Friendster?  Long gone already. But its okay, memories will never gone unless, u lost ur memories.
For those who didnt know me (cehh, cakap macam famous), u can check my short bio at the navigation task below.
Back to the topic, 5 years has passed and today is the first time i signed in to blogger. And plus i have no idea what to talk about but... yeah let me tell u guys a short story for what ive been through for all these years. Im an ordinary guy who lives in KL. KL? A city in Malaysia that full with sins and satans but alhamdulillah, aku tkde lah terpesong sangat. Nakal-nakal sikit je but now im not here to talk about my sins bcs who cares what. "Dosa kau, kau tanggung, kubur masing-masing" but actually its wrong. Memang la tanggung sendiri tapi kalau kawan buat dosa, tk nasihatkan, kau sendiri juga kena nanti.

5 years back then, i was just a skinny guy who really pemalas. Always go lepak here lepak there but of course la, lepak, its a must. Till now but so far, praise to God, id get rid of the bad attitude. Another 1 more year, i will graduated for my bachelor, inshallah and cant wait to hold my own money. For 5 years, ive been through a lot. i presume, all of u also been through a lot on these years but now, its my blog, lets talk about me not u.

I don't know where to start but lets start on the beginning of my diploma's year. During that time, i was still a rempit (google it if ure not malaysian) and its so hard to make friends since i studied in SEGi University. Time flies, i managed myself to get few friends and alhamdulillah till now, we still contact each others and hangouts. I started my degree last year bcs i deferred one subject for like almost one fucking year and thats the reason why all my friends graduated early but its okay, im very grateful bcs of that, i get to know more about real world and made new friends during my degree. *and still making new friends* Talk about friends, i have a lot of friends. Trust me, in my facebook i have like almost 4.5k friends but i know, i barely know them.
But yeah.... sad to be me bcs since i have a lot of friends, hard to get a girlfriend. I forgot already how the feelings when u fall in love. Love? Women? Of course im crushing on someone but then i dont have the guts to tell her that id like her but i think she knew already. Since we're friend for years so i dont want to cut the friendship coz u know, sometimes if u confess ur feeling towards ur friend or special friend or bff, and got rejected, the friendship will slowly fade away. So i dont want that. So fuck it, let me finish my degree first and earn some money and then can talk about finding love.

That's it.

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